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Thank You For Being a... Confidant.

Some days you just need someone to listen without judgment. In some instances, a good sermon can be just as helpful, when you're overwhelmed.

I was on my walk today, listening to one of my old-school Joyce Meyer cassettes... A few years ago, I found myself YouTube'ing her "Life In The Word" sermons from back in the day, listening to four or five of her broadcasts daily--they kept me from going under, when I was neck deep, wading out of personal trauma, and was afraid to talk to anyone about where I was. It was like having a private coffee talk with all of the Golden Girls wrapped up into one great aunt.

A trustworthy friend who you can confide in can also go a long way in recovering from or transitioning through a difficult place. If you don't have any friends who qualify, therapy is always a safe place where you can unload your thoughts.

If you don't have access to or aren't comfortable with any of those options, take a walk and a moment to breathe. Find a quiet place where you can talk it out in prayer. Doesn't have to be a long or perfectly worded prayer. What makes prayer perfect is transparency. Just keep it one-hundred. Right or wrong, you're only human. You weren't built to get it right every time.

In the end, don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't miss out on the rest of your life trying to manage your problems or fears alone in the present. Whatever you're going through, it will pass. Ask for help.

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