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Under the Influence: Thoughts on Depression

I was thinking this morning about what to blog about and the topic of depression came to mind. It is something I've struggled with and looking back it reminded me of some of the decisions I've made that in hindsight I can see were heavily influenced by my perspective on life at the time. When you first trip into that mudhole, it can easily turn to quicksand when compounded by the effects of a bad decision made under an altered state of mind. Dealing with depression is similar to being under the influence of a hallucinogenic, so nowadays I always try to be mindful of my emotional state when I'm facing a challenge or working on a project... filtering my thoughts before they become words and rewriting the words that I may speak out of frustration before they can morph into a mindset that will deter me from becoming my best self. Having the compassion to coach yourself out of the rabbit hole instead of letting yourself fall further can feel counter to the weight of your perception but it all starts with recognizing the hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation. It is the biggest gift you can give yourself and to those who love you. Depression is a master of robbing you of creative passion and your sense of purpose. If you are currently living this battle, instead of punishing yourself for not being able to reboot, start small with your surroundings. Make it a goal this weekend to get out and ingest the creativity around you, either in nature or through art. Music and the performing arts are kinetic creative energy. They can help restore your balance and reignite your spirit, and support the detox of a clouded mindset. Give yourself the grace to heal by taking small steps forward. Art is a medicine that can get you on the road towards regaining your creative flame.

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