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How to Maximize Downtime: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

Isolation is intrinsic to the creative process and journey, as experienced through the haphazardness of business and tour travel, market downturns or the voluntary solitude that allows for the requisite focus and study needed to strengthen performance and technique. Regardless of circumstance, isolation also provides an opportunity towards the strengthening of morale and quarantine of the mind against destructive environments, influences and distractions that hamper creative wellness and development. However, despite best efforts made to maximize periods of solitude, patterns of creative deficiency can reoccur, when artists unknowingly self-isolate to the darkness of limited understanding and awareness of their creative purpose and wealth. In times of accidental or intentional isolation, how can artists and creatives better maximize periods of solitude towards the highest realization of their gifts?

The Creator, as the author and source of creativity, embodies an intuitive light and penetrative power that dissolves illusion and human pretense, while illuminating the purpose underlying individual creative gifts. When artists allow that light to permeate the darkness of their limited perspective and understanding of their creative talent and power, it can work to highlight strengths and weaknesses overlooked in the solace of individual study and personal reflection—while developing an artistic maturity that better serves their craft, as paralleled in the following quote by renown essayist, poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau:

“Maturity is when all of your mirrors turn into windows.”

Through the light of the Creator’s influence and mentorship, an artist’s creativity can grow beyond statements of self-narrative to further embody and encompass the light of the Creator’s voice and intent towards expressions of art that serve to unify, beautify and illuminate humanity, while giving voice and healing to fractured human experiences.

The benefits garnered in the exposure of artists to the Creator’s illuminative power and influence is illustrated within the following passage of scripture, as voiced by the prophet Isaiah:

“I will lead my blind people

By roads they have never traveled.

I will turn their darkness into light

And make rough country smooth before them.

These are my promises,

And I will keep them without fail.”

When artists and creatives self-isolate within the guiding and protective light of the Creator during their moments of solitude, study and reflection, his light further serves to inform the creative and business strategy that allows for substantive creative exploration.

Under the light of the Creator’s voice and influence, artists and creatives are transformed and equipped with the creative maturity, tools and insight during moments of solitude and isolation that enable the resurrection of the hearts and hope of those they serve.

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