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The Path to Creative Transfiguration.

Most artists and creatives carry a natural desire and ambition for the spotlight--and in turn to have their work appreciated at scale. However, as powerful and satisfactory as that spotlight may be in conquering the hustle and flow of the marketplace or moving the needle of industry trends, there is another point of light that allows an artist to transcend the temporal aesthetics of status and wealth towards impactful creativity—resulting in a transfiguration of an artist’s craft.

This light can be accessed through the mindful positioning of artists and creatives under the light of the Creator’s influence and intuit through the practice of meditation and prayer, with the goal of self-awareness and discovery of creative purpose. The resulting level of creative transfiguration is paralleled within the account of Christ’s transfiguration within scripture—during which Christ goes upon a hill to pray, with three of his principle disciples, Peter, James and John. As Christ prayed, “his face changed its appearance, and his clothes became dazzling white”, with the Prophets Moses and Elijah appearing in heavenly glory to discuss Christ’s impending death in Jerusalem and the fulfillment of his purpose. Similarly, in seeking out the guiding light and artistic intelligence of the Creator, artists and creatives can receive illuminating guidance and feedback towards the realization of their artistic potential, and in turn, can become an extension of that illumination towards the beautification and illumination of the environments they serve.

The illuminative properties and power of the Creator’s influence and intuit towards achieving creative transfiguration is also prefaced in scripture by Christ, who spoke regularly on the benefits of maintaining contact with that light, as noted in the following passage:

“Your eyes are like a lamp for the body. When your eyes are sound, your whole body is full of light; but when your eyes are no good, your whole body will be in darkness. Make certain, then, that the light in you is not darkness. If your whole body is full of light, with no part of it in darkness, it will be bright all over, as when a lamp shines on you with its brightness.”

Through the practice of prayer and meditation, and optimal positioning under the intuitive light of the Creator, artists and creatives can further evolve, achieving creative transfiguration—fully realizing their artistic purpose and potential.

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