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The Translucence of Creative Purpose.

No one knows what the future holds. Despite the translucent appeal of the creative path, for the majority of artists and creatives, there are no real guarantees towards the timing or successful realization of individual artistic vision, as they journey ahead—whether navigating the highs and lows of a professional career as a full-time creative or executing on their career aspirations against the demands of a day-job. Given the uncertainty underlying creative careers, how can artists and creatives utilize that same uncertainty as an asset towards the honing of their craft to further inform their creative purpose?

The successful conversion of that uncertainty can result from an acknowledgment and trust in the Creator, as the source of creative light and translucence that authors an artist’s creativity. By acknowledging and coming into an awareness of their identity as active participants and partners under a greater plan towards the betterment of the culture—beyond individual career aspirations—artists and creatives make room for the Creator’s omniscience to light their creative journey towards compatible career opportunities and creative fulfillment. This translucence also works to affirm and bring to light the authentic worth of an artist’s voice, while intuitively guiding them towards the necessary steps needed to achieve artistic growth—and is further illustrated in the following letter from the Creator, delivered by the Prophet Jeremiah, to the people of Israel during their exile in Babylonia from Jerusalem:

“I alone know the plans that I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”

When artists and creatives position themselves for routine exposure of the translucence within the Creator’s creative purpose and intent for their talent through prayer, meditation and daily discipline of craft, they gain a further advantage towards the effective cultivation of their gifts in the harnessing and photosynthesis of that light—which can result in a transparency of artistic voice that connects and heals, as illustrated in the Book of Malachi:

“But for you who obey me, my saving power will rise on you like the sun and bring healing like the sun’s rays.”

The healing and artistic intelligence that embodies the translucence within the Creator’s creative plan for artists and creatives can shine through their individual voice and talent to beautify, unify and illuminate—and heal—the audiences they serve.

The creative career path is defined and marked by uncertainty, however, the translucence of the Creator’s plan and intent for individual talents and gifts can provide an advantage for artists and creatives, as they navigate the unknowns ahead.

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