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Defying the Law of Gravity: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

The concept of leveling up within pop culture is contextually tied to a win-against-the-odds underdog narrative, mostly celebrated by spectators and embraced by few. From an outside perspective, grind and hustle are often touted as the keys to achieving elevation and satisfaction in the form of stature and prominence, regardless of profession—despite the evidence of natural laws, as expressed through the force of gravity, which guarantee a leveling and return to start.

For artists and creatives, the reality of those laws were aptly summarized within several family anecdotes of renown author, essayist and actor Carrie Fisher—as she once remarked on the decline of her parents’ careers: “Celebrity is just obscurity biding its time. Eventually, all fame will disappear. I watched that happen. I never wanted to go into show business, because I watched that heartbreak.”

In light of natural laws confirming the temporal status of fame and stature, for artists and creatives who aspire to a life and career beyond underdog status, is the act of leveling up a worthy exercise or goal—and if so, how does it work towards achieving permanence and success in their chosen field?

The answer can be found through the validation of an artist’s benchmark of success. If their benchmark of success is defined through the illusory lens of temporal fame or status, the forces within that illusion will be unable to sustain the suspension achieved through leveling up. In addition, when that illusion of power through temporal fame is weighted with self-aggrandizement, it can work to accelerate the imminent leveling and return to ground-zero.

King Solomon voiced his observations and wisdom on the reality and consequences of the law of gravity against human power throughout the Book of Ecclesiastes—as seen in the following excerpt:

“I decided that God is testing us, to show that we are no better than animals. After all, the same fate awaits human beings and animals alike. One dies just like the other. They are the same kind of creature. A human being is no better off than an animal, because life has no meaning for either. They are both going to the same place – the dust. They both came from it; they will both go back to it. How can anyone be sure that the human spirit goes upward while an animal’s spirit goes down into the ground?”

For artists, ultimate, lasting fulfillment can be achieved through the exercise of faith and relationship with the Creator, as the source and author of creativity—both providing a leveling of any illusions that threaten creative growth and true confidence. This exercise of leveling up through relationship with the Creator is facilitated through life experiences that work to bring creatives eye-level and horizontal to his intent and purpose for their creativity. The Book of Isaiah illustrates the results of this leveling in the following excerpt of scripture:

“I myself will prepare your way, leveling mountains and hills, I will break down bronze gates and smash their iron bars.”

When artists and creatives experience an authentic leveling towards realizing their craft, their faith and relationship with the Creator can work to straighten their roadmap to success and realign their path with purpose—breaking barriers of exclusivity and opening new doors to opportunity, reinvention and innovation, while simultaneously blocking detours to hollow goals.

The Apostle Paul further stressed the importance and power of relationship with the Creator towards actualizing excellence and true success, as seen in the following passage within his letter to the Church of Corinth:

“For it is when the Lord thinks well of us that we are really approved, and not when we think well of ourselves.”

When artists and creatives benchmark their success through the goalpoints of faith and relationship with the Creator, they remain poised for sustained creative and personal success throughout their careers.

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