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The Word of Creativity From Within.

There are numerous qualities and resources that are imperative to successful creativity. In addition to the more commonly recognized attributes such as faith, hope, joy, love, patience and discipline—talent, space, time, finance, passion, purpose and intellect are equally important to the creative process. However, aside from these, there is one element that proves crucial for creatives in manifesting the shape and form of the imagination: the word of creativity from within.

The word of creativity within provides an artist vision: the shape, sound, sight, and substance of what they are called to create—serving as the nucleus of the creative act. The act of speaking the word of creativity in confidence allows that vision to be made plain and is the first step of realizing its form. The word of creativity within is powerful—yet vulnerable before it is spoken—which makes it all the more vital for artists and creatives to protect that word from external (or internal) sources of doubt that can stifle or kill the call to create. The ability to differentiate between sound advice and constructive criticism versus words rooted in fear of challenge or change can ultimately determine an artist’s effectiveness and strength of their work.

The power of the word of creativity within is highlighted throughout scripture, beginning with the account of creation itself. The Creator spoke creation into existence and with his words formed the heavens and the earth and its inhabitants. This same word of creativity lives within humanity and emanates from the spirit, as humanity was created in the image of the Creator.

The Apostle John gave further depth to the power of the word spoken by the Creator that formed creation—and the relationship between Christ and humanity:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. From the very beginning the Word was with God. Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him. The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to people.”

The power and light of this word was subsequently seen throughout Christ’s ministry and his encounters with his disciples and those seeking his counsel and healing. His words provided illumination through his use of parables and healing in his verbal acknowledgement of the faith of the sick and troubled. His words ushered in enlightenment, hope and wellness, arousing confidence and empowerment in those who received them.

The word of creativity within is a source of power capable of manifesting works of art that have the potential to enlighten, uplift, beautify and edify—with each genesis successfully taking shape in an artist’s embrace of the call to create.

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