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Obey Your Calling: Answering the Call to Create in Obedience to a Higher Calling

As artists and creatives, we all want to be thought of as autonomous and in control of our talent and the inherent power in its expression. To that end, every effort is taken to hone our individual talent into its highest form through daily practice and disciplines—however, our best attempts to obey the calling to create can only yield so much, given that we are not the author or originator of the gifts that we work so hard to cultivate. In answering the call to create, what level of obedience is necessary to fully realize and evolve our gifts into their intended capacity and purpose? Is it enough just to love what we do?

Generally, the act of obedience, beyond self, is viewed as an act of disempowerment and demotion of authority within relationships. Conversely, when we create in acknowledgment of the Creator as the source of our creativity, there is an advantage gained via access to a greater artistic intellect and mentorship of the gifts that we carry. When we singularly live out our artistic calling from our limited point of view and understanding, it is easy to love and honor our gifts according to our motives—but when we actively further our creative calling through relationship and acknowledgment of the Creator, as with the act of marriage, we are able to achieve a higher level of agreement or obedience to that creative call—essentially answering a higher calling in our creativity, and as a result, walking in conjoined power, love, creativity and purpose.

How do we come into obedience or agreement with the Creator to fully realize the expression and intent of our gifts? The Apostle Paul provides guidance on next steps, with the instruction towards the renewal of the heart and mind, which ultimately inform the expression of our gifts. In the reverse-engineering of our behavior and mindsets for the expression of good, and in leaving behind the toxicity of our old, lesser selves, at the outset of our relationship with the Creator, we are able to gain power and renewed strength, while working towards the betterment of those around us via our creative gifts. By working to eliminate anger, bitterness and destructive passions, as well as other destructive traits and habits that engineer the misdirection of our creative purpose, we are able to fully maximize our creative capacity.

In answering the individual call to create, there is an intimation of a call-to-action beyond our love for creating. In discovering and coming into acknowledgement and relationship with the author of our gifts, there is an opportunity to realize a higher calling and creative purpose towards the illumination, beautification and edification of humanity.

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