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Working Together for the Good: The Calling to Create.

In the hustle and hurriedness of living, it is easy to forget how short and fragile life is and that you are one of billions of lives—7.7 billion currently—that are passing through the realm of planet earth. When you consider the enormity of life experiences past, present and future, and all of the deceit, violence and injustice that has been committed, and is currently in-progress, it is a wonder that humanity has progressed as far as it has. You would assume that with every generation, human character would advance in step with technology, but only the flaws and failings continue to evolve and reoccur. A historical overview of cultures and countries overwhelmingly speak toward a need for counterbalance against the weight of darkness in the world, which is why the preservation and pursuit of the arts are so important.

As artists and creatives, we actively play out the act of Creation with every new project that we engage. That need to create is rooted in the desire to create something of value beyond superficial gain—something that reflects the goodness within us. When the Creator formed the heavens and the earth, at the conclusion of every semicolon of design, throughout the six days, there was a moment of selah—of pause and recognition of the living goodness of what was created. Every opportunity we have to create, there is a need to experience this living goodness, as expressed through our creative gifts. The reason we have been chosen and blessed with the ability to create in our respective fields is to perpetuate the goodness that lives within us throughout the world and within our communities.

There are several hallmarks of the creative process that are illustrated within the story of Creation that serve as guidelines for artistic fulfillment and achievement.

  • Illumination: Creativity is often described as a flame—or the act of keeping the creative flame burning. The flame of creativity from within at its brightest invites and evokes the light of awareness and wisdom in its individual expression leading humanity towards a greater self-awareness within themselves and their relationships with others.

  • Purpose: At every leg of Creation, there was always a purpose to every light created, and the vault to separate the waters—as well as the order in which each stage was performed. The act of creativity carries an artistic intelligence that continually meets the needs of the environment and/or consumer with thoughtful design towards sustainability and functionality.

  • Beauty: In the Garden of Eden, the Creator purposely created fruit and vegetation that was pleasing to the eye of man to reflect the beauty of His goodness. Creativity expressed through the beauty of song, or fashion, literature or the fine arts is an extended reflection of that beauty and imagination.

  • Freedom: Creative content that evokes or empowers towards personal and spiritual freedom serves towards the benefit and harmony of humanity. This freedom is reflected in every living stage of Creation. Humanity lived in awareness and harmony, unburdened by darkness and shame.

  • Community: Art that unifies humanity and educates towards the understanding of the complexities of interpersonal relationships serves towards the strengthening and betterment of society at large. The need for community was expressed in the creation of woman—need for fellowship was addressed through the act of Creation.

When we create in authenticity and purpose, we allow the goodness of humanity to ripen forward, providing the ammunition for present and future generations to combat the forces of chaos and division. In turn, we continue to sow the seeds of goodness that were first sown within us, through the sharing of our gifts and talents, in our answer to the calling to create.

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