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CTCA For Artists & Creatives

Welcome to CTCA for Artists and Creatives. Subscribe today and follow @ctcaforartists on Instagram and YouTube for the latest Season of editorial and video content produced for artists and creatives with a focus on faith, spirituality, wellness and artist empowerment.

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CTCA Monday Minute

Follow @ctcaforartists on Instagram today and catch Season 1 episodes of Monday Minute today and extend your weekend with a nightcap of encouragement ahead of Monday.


CTCA Faith and Wellness Community Session

Follow @ctcaforartists on IGTV for Season 1 episodes centering on artist wellness, faith, mental health issues and artist empowerment. 


CTCA Jazz Meditation Series

Follow @ctcaforartists today and enjoy Season 1 of our CTCA Midweek Jazz Meditation Series for a masala mix of faith, jazz detox and wellness exercises.

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